Virtual Reality applications

In Virtual Reality, the user is completely immersed in an entirely digital environment through the use of a head mounted display and gesture controls. A common misconception is that 360 videos found on Facebook and YouTube are VR. Whilst the user can swivel around the space, you can’t move or interact with the environment. With immersive virtual reality content, the environment has been built so that the user can explore the whole space, and make choices that lead to different outcomes. This enables endless possibilities for virtual reality content including virtual tours, simulated constructions, training simulations, and virtual teaching environments.

Virtual Reality can guide the viewer’s focus without outside distractions and allow your brand to speak directly to the individual. The user is actively involved, making for a memorable experience. Virtual reality content offers a uniquely immersive and scalable platform to deliver visceral brand experiences that will augment the rest of the marketing spend.

Here at Mersus, we recognise the need for virtual reality content in the modern business world. From humble beginnings in 2D animations, we’ve come a long way in using the latest software and becoming experts in 3D animation and asset development.

Our design and artistic background make us a leader in creating realistic and visually stunning VR environments, helping you to engage with your audience, all the while entertaining and educating at the same time.

Augmented Reality applications

Perceived as the technology of the future, Augmented Reality is making its way in the market place. While Virtual Reality replaces the real world with a simulated one, Augmented Reality enhances aspects of the real world.

The numerous applications emerging from the steady development of ground-breaking Augmented Reality is transforming the way people see and learn from their surroundings, and is revolutionising companies’ business models.

Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information with live video and the user’s environment in real time. Augmented Reality recognises a visual picture or film, blends new information, and displays the virtual result. All of this takes place in real time, producing extraordinary experiences.

Important occupations in need of crucial information use Augmented Reality tools to visually superimpose their solutions. Industrial, military and medical applications concerning the validation of designs or plans are a specialisation of Augmented Reality. This results in a better understanding of how a product or service could work, leading to a greater chance of customers buying. In particular, troubleshooting and maintenance instructions can be transposed directly over physical products, resulting in shorter downtime and thus improving performance.  

Mersus offers companies across a wide spectrum of fields and trades, numerous opportunities for Augmented Reality content, making it real for businesses and consumers alike.

Structure of a Virtual Reality Project

1Project Planning

In spite of the innovative nature of virtual reality content, the work still begins like any other project: through careful research and planning. It is at this stage that we need to decide the best route to go down for the project, be it augmented reality or virtual reality.

2 3D Modelling and Animation

3D modelling is the foundation of augmented and virtual reality content. Whatever we’re making, we need to create the environments, objects, and whatever other assets are required for the project.

3 Making the Virtual Space

Once the plan is laid out and the elements are made, we put it all together using a gaming engine. Models are laid out in the environment like actors on a stage. We use the gaming engine to create an interactive experience.

4 Packaging the Application

Once all the creative work is done, and the project is completed, we need to output an application that the client can use, be it a mobile based augmented reality application, or a virtual simulator, we will output it to the client in the format they require.

The Benefits of Virtual Reality Content

Viewer Interaction

Virtual and augmented realities allow for unprecedented viewer interaction. With VR and AR solutions, your customers can experience your offering firsthand.

Enriched Knowledge

VR and AR allow for total immersion in virtual or augmented environments. This greatly enhances your potential to convey understanding. Your viewers aren’t just being shown something, they are experiencing it for themselves.

Future Proofing

The use of real time rendering and gaming engines means that virtual reality content and augmented reality productions can be reused and upgraded, without astronomical cost, as required for years to come.


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