Video Production

Every business has a story to tell. The future of marketing is in good storytelling and at Mersus Technologies we create content that connects your brand with your customers. Starting with the groundwork and through consultation, we establish the client’s message and the purpose of the end result. With research and careful planning, our experienced team collaborate with the client to make decisions on the necessary foundations to begin video production. These include budget, drawing up a schedule, location scouting, acquiring talent, defining the look and feel and the all important shotlist. Our creative team then set about the first steps in what they do best – storytelling.


Our ability to deliver high quality video productions stems from experience, creativity and an organisational ethos for perfection. Our capabilities extend beyond the video capture. We create the storyboards, and add voice over and music. Graphics and special effects are also well within our remit. But what makes us different? That’s easy. Unlike our competitors in the video production space, it’s not the thousands of euro worth of lens attached to similarly priced camera bodies that matters. It’s the ability to tell stories that connect with your targeted audience. Once the video is complete, we strategise on how best to reach your market.

Our Services

Pre Production

The initial stage is consultation. Consultation governs our research and the client’s needs are assessed. We develop a plan of campaign, resulting in a shotlist. After feedback and building from this, the schedule of video production is agreed in partnership.


Our technical team proceed with capture using state of the art equipment. We provide qualified professionals for all aspects of video production. Art director, camera and drone operators, interviewers and make up facilities are available.

Post Production

The footage is edited under the guidance of our chief editor. Colour grading, music, voiceover and motion graphics are applied. Responding to the client’s input on the first draft, the final high resolution video is sent to the client for distribution.

More than just a video…

While video production itself is not new, its application for business is transforming in a big way, posing new opportunities for marketers. Consumer appetite for video is only going to increase. Several sources state that a website with video is 50 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results. That can have a significant impact on your business. Studies have shown that video not only helps you convert more customers to purchase, but it also makes it easier for people to find you online.

If you want to measure the success of your video, you need to set some goals from the starting point. What are your objectives & goals? What are you expecting to achieve? Understanding what you want from your video is the only way that you can really measure the results. This is all part of your strategy. While other video companies provide you with video production, we go one step further with a video strategy.  We will show you how to get the best out of your video, how to create your YouTube channel, how to analyse your results and how to make changes to get the best possible reach.

Don’t do the hard sell…

We offer a full range of video production company services, whether it’s corporate or  promotional. Our documentary style approach focuses on the relationship-building aspect of sales. By allowing the personality of the client to come through in a candid manner, this soft-sell approach builds trust and lasting relationships with customers – leading to long-term growth and success.

By breaking down the wall between the client and their customers we can show the real people behind the products. Including the client and their employees in the video, taking the audience behind the scenes allows the personality and company culture to show through.

The ability to empathise with a customer builds trust, and makes it more likely that you will add value where it’s actually needed.


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