Meet the Team

Geoffrey - Mersus Technologies

Geoffrey Allen

Co-Founder & Imagineer

Back in 1988 Geoffrey started his career in the digital media business. His life-long passion for film and conventional art education culminated with a Masters from the Huston School of Film where the concept for Mersus Technologies was formed. Geoffrey is focused on any innovative applications for animation, helping our clients prepare for tomorrow’s market.

Dermot - Mersus Technologies

Dermot Condron

Co-Founder/Chief Technologist

Having met Geoffrey Allen whilst doing a Masters in Digital Media in 2012, the two setup Mersus Technologies soon thereafter. Heading up the production team at Mersus, Dermot looks to utilise current and emerging technologies to best facilitate their clients needs. Dermot’s passion is in editing.

Grainne Moore

Creative Director

Grainne’s theatrical background in both acting and directing has given her a good foundation for her role as creative director. Combined with her academic studies in Graphic Design, Grainne has the ability to lead the team artistically.

Eoghan - Mersus Technologies

Eoghan Egan


Eoghan has been studying and practicing animation for the last six years. He has studied animation in Ballyfermot School of Animation and Dundalk Institute of Technology.  Proficient in both 2D and 3D animation, he also develops for VR.

Brenda - Mersus Technologies

Brenda Mannion

Project Manager

Brenda has more than 20 years of professional experience in HR management across a range of industries with an emphasis on planning and policy making, personnel development, systems analysis and team building. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations, and dealing with finance matters at Mersus Technologies.

Ryan - Mersus Technologies

Ryan Cassidy

VR/AR Developer

Ryan is a Virtual Reality enthusiast and a huge nerd, having gained experience working in the indie game scene since a young age. Being a technologist, Ryan is adept at new technologies and has previous experience working in media, scriptwriting and documentary filmmaking. Loves the code.

Fiona - Mersus Technologies

Fiona Moran

Concept Artist

Fiona has a fine art background and is a self taught illustrator who loves children’s book illustration and all visual storytelling. As an artist, she conceptualises characters and environments that are then created into 3D further down the animation process. Also loves heavy metal and boardgames.

Tara - Mersus Technologies

Tara Kilroy

Storyboard Artist

From a young age, Tara had always had a fascination with animation and its production behind the scenes. Through her own passion and studies, she has developed fine tuned skills in creative storytelling and animation workflow.

Nicky - Mersus Technologies

Nicky Bourke

PA to Creative Team

Nicky’s background is in theatre having been a musical theatre actress from a young age. Sales and administration have also played a large role in Nicky’s employment history. Her experience in film, broadcasting and character modelling has given Nicky a good foundation for supporting the creative team.

Tierna Lawless

VR/AR Developer

Tierna has studied games development for 5 years with a specialty in multiplayer VR experiences. Adept at code, he is fluent in a range of programming languages as well as interfacing with animation and 3D modelling softwares.


Mersus Technologies is an Irish animation studio that specialises in creating immersive virtual reality environments for business. Our adventure began in 2013 when founders Geoff Allen and Dermot Condron established MakinMediaMobile where we started working with 2D animation and creating explainer videos for local businesses. We have since grown hugely and expanded throughout the last five years, becoming experts in virtual reality and 3D animation and producing high quality videos for global brands. Our new name Mersus Technologies reflects this transition. We take pride in our work here at Mersus, working together to ensure our client’s unique requirements are being met and delivering a visually stunning final product.

In our brief history, Mersus has accumulated an excellent range of clients anchored to our mantra of providing the highest standards in customer service. Embedded in our processes is a mantra of putting the customer’s needs first which is more than a slogan. Mersus combines up-to-date technology with first class service to retain the likes of global accountancy leader Deloitte, yet not overlooking smaller customers who need video to spread their message efficiently in terms of cost and reach.

Along with a number of Athlone Institute of Technology’s ‘New Frontiers’ candidates like Debapay, these start-ups trusted Mersus with their digital presence through to both 2015 Innovator of the Year, wastewater prodigy – OxyMem and Retailer of the Year – Tiger Stores. Clients benefit not only from the production values involved but also from the knowledge of how to give their investment maximum impact.

Work undertaken to date covers a wide range in scale, from 100,000+ hits for one of the AIT’s MIRC start ups, 22,500 hits in a week for a crowdfunding project to integrating video elements into much bigger strategy items for the likes of Ericsson, heralding a seismic policy shift from telecommunications into the ICT space to their staff. 

We’ve had 5 years experience in the animation industry, producing high quality content for global brands across varying industries. Our team comes from a background of design and with a crucial technical understanding; we’re perfectly situated to provide visually stunning virtual reality experiences.


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